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Water Filters in Phoenix Tips

Are you looking at your glass of cold water and wondering if it’s time to change your water filters?

Water filters in Phoenix usually can be found around the home are normally located inside canisters where it’s hard to see the inside color or condition of the filter, making them easy to ignore. This canister holds in all of the contaminants and also grows bacteria. If you don’t flush out those filtered particles regularly, they’ll stay in the filter and canister until you change it. Remind yourself of this if you are tempted to try to save money by not changing your filters regularly enough.

Very few people take the time to think about and fully understand the connection between plumbing, physical health and the quality of the water in their home. Water filters are often the first line of defense against waterborne illnesses and are the best source for understanding the quality of the water coming out of the faucets, assuming that the filters are properly maintained.

In Arizona, up to 100 tests are performed on tap water daily to insure that the water in every home meets health and safety standards. However, these tests can’t eliminate every health risk. If you have added a filter to your drinking or refrigerator line, the common recommendation is changing it a minimum of once a year. Make sure to read your manufacturer’s booklet for more detailed instructions.

Most average drinking water systems are not meant to last more than five to six years; they have many parts and can crack over time. In fact, many major insurance companies claim that older drinking water systems are in the top three reasons for home floods.

Water filtration systems are a wonderful modern convenience and assist us in drinking more water and maintaining better health. Just remember to change your water filters as the manufacturer recommends to make sure you reap the maximum benefits without any negative effects.