Summer is Here and We Want to Make Sure Homeowners are in the Clear

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Five Tips to Beat the Summer Heat with Your Pipes

Arizona’s notorious summer heat will have everyone in search of shade and water, but there are some things homeowners might not think of when it comes to drinking and preserving water in their own home.

1. Drinking water.

Drinking Water


  • The number one summer rule is to have a glass of water nearby at all times. What homeowners may not know is they should be checking and changing water filters to make sure that water is clean on a regular basis. Make sure to check not only your kitchen sink water filter, but also the refrigerator water and ice filters. The most common water systems are reverse osmosis systems, but there are others.
  • Along with water filters make sure to check and test the house water treatment systems. Test the water to be sure the hardness or chlorine levels are still correct, even though the system is on, does not mean it is getting your water to the levels you want.


2. Checking for leaks saves you money.

  • Homeowners can save money by doing easy appliance checks for leaks.
  • Checking Toilet Flappers, the moving part of the flush valve, can be an easy measure to prevent wasting water. Flappers deteriorate over time and should be checked every year. Make sure the flap fits tightly over the flush tube. If it’s not properly secured over 200 gallons of water a day can be wasted and hundreds of dollars a year. If the flap isn’t sealing water into the tanks and allowing water to exit the tank when you flush, call 602-485-1111 for quick service.
  • Check Yard Hoses.

    Hosepipes should be tight, not dripping, if there is dripping, you’re losing money. The dripping water can also attract bugs you don’t want around the home.

3. Avoid Corrosion, the process metal, stone, steal etc. being damaged.

  • Check the washing machine connections;

    be sure they are not leaking or corroded; otherwise they could burst with no notice.

  • Take out the refrigerator and review the ice maker line connection,

    be sure no small dripping is going on. Dripping could cause corrosion at the connection; this is a sign of possible future water damage.

4. Take the money saved from these easy fixes and install a low-flow shower head. By installing a low-flow shower head, homeowners can cut their water use by more than 30 percent.  Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual  Plumber has plenty of shower service options.

5. Although many basic fixes can happen inside the home, don’t forget about the outside. Now is also a good time to check sprinkler systems, including the back-flow device, this will make sure unsafe water is not coming back into your home, to be sure all your water in your home is safe to use. Many times sprinklers are on when no one is watching and drip systems can waste a lot of water when not spraying in the right place or leaking badly while turned on, take time now to watch them and be sure your not wasting money or water.

All Phoenix area Benjamin Franklin Plumbers have been professional trained and certified on water treatment and drinking water needs and systems. We only offer the best options for your water treatment needs, not everyone has the same water or the same need. Mention this blog for a free evaluation of your water treatment and drinking water at your home, this $69.00 value that will expire May 28, 2011 don’t wait contact us today by our real time online booking service or call us at 602-485-1111 24/7.