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Many homeowners have experienced the aggravation and frustration of a continually running toilet. When such circumstances arise, impacted individuals desire to put a stop to this annoyance as soon as possible.

The Reasons Toilets Run Excessively

There are several reasons that toilets run continually, operate when not flushed, take extensive durations to fill, or possibly even overflow including:

Flapper Defects

The flapper is a rubber object enabling water to filter in and out of the toilet’s tank. Functioning flappers will close as the flushing process progresses. However, old or worn components will fail to close properly and must be replaced.

Filling Tube Problems

A toilet’s filling tube is responsible for refilling the tank after the toilet is flushed. If this feature leaks or is damaged, the toilet is liable to run for extended periods.

Gasket Deterioration

The gasket is a seal separating the tank and bowl. As the water-processing unit ages, the gasket will deteriorate. This decline could allow excessive water concentrations to flow into the bowl via the tank.

Float Ball Issues

This tiny structure plays a crucial role in proper filling tube function. When the tank fills, this component rises and enables the filler tube valve to shut. This process is pertinent to smooth water flow. When the float ball is damaged or shifts out of place, continuous operation might occur.

Fill Valve Failure

The fill valve controls how much water is replenished into the bowl after flushing. That said, not every toilet uses the same apparatuses to perform the fill valve function.

Certain systems employ a float device. This feature is lowered down and activates the fill valve and does not return to its original position until the bowl’s water content has returned to its normal height. Other appliances utilize cylinders that switch up and down permitting water to fill and eventually stop.

Regardless of the component, malfunctions could precipitate serious problems like overflowing.

Contacting Us

Fortunately, many of the aforementioned issues are relatively easy to remedy and are neither costly nor time-consuming. That said, it is still recommended that such problems be handled by the experienced plumbers in Tempe, AZ employed at Ben Franklin Plumbing.

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