Chandler Plumber Tip: Touchless Water Faucets

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Chandler Plumber Tip: Touchless Water Faucets

Touchless Water Faucets are increasing in popularity and a Chandler plumber explains why you may want to get one. 

By now, you’ve probably seen the ads for “touchless” faucets that are activated by waving your hand under the sensor, like you see in many public restrooms. Whether you’ve just handled raw chicken or are in the middle of a painting project, a hands-free faucet could be a convenience that is well worth the effort and expense.

Why would you need a hands-free faucet? A Chandler plumber explains:

  1. Messy hands are the biggest reason. Your messy hands get to the water without messing up the water handle. You get to have clean hands AND a clean faucet. Having a touchless/sensor soap dispenser is worth considering, too.
  2. Germs are another big reason for applause for the touchless technology. Some germs have a long life and can survive on many surfaces. If you touch a surface with germs, you will be contaminated. If you don’t have to touch the surface, the problem is eliminated, thus kudos for touchless technology.
  3. There is ease in use; stick your hand out (or touch it with your elbow) and water comes out. These faucets are a great convenience.
  4. The sensor faucets turn off automatically, which could be a plus for people who tend to leave the water running unnecessarily. A touchless faucet will save money and water.

Touchless faucets come in a variety of styles and finishes and are an economical choice for most homeowners. When choosing your faucet, it’s a smart idea to purchase one that is compatible with the holes in your existing sink. Also consider the various features that would work best for you, like whether the faucet is battery operated (requiring you to go under the cabinet to change the battery) or plugs into a power source. Some are also cat-proof, which could be an important consideration if your household includes curious cats.

Is a hands-free faucet something you have and enjoy…or would you consider getting one?