Water Bottles Can Be The Way To Go:

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In our current generation, we appreciate being able to take things on the go. Cheap and convenient is the motto most of our society lives by. That motto combined with the heat of summer means you’re going to want to stay hydrated as quick and easy as possible… Which usually means grabbing a water bottle.

Well there is nothing wrong with wanting to take your water on the go, in the form of a water bottle, just make sure you are making the right choice with what bottle you choose.

Most people choose to buy a package of plastic water bottles at a grocery store, seeing only the overall price and amount of bottles you get for that low price, instead of realizing that not only is it costing you more in the long run but it is also costing your planet more.

Watch this quick video on the story of bottled water, you may be surprised with what it really means when you buy that 24-pack of water filled plastic at the grocery store or a quick bottle from a vending machine.


We have come up with a few alternatives to help you still get your water on the go….

Other Ideas are Filters – Here are our Top Suggestions:

1) Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water & Ice System- Which can produce tens of gallons of delicious quality water daily at a low cost and convenience of no handling of water jugs and heavy boxes.

2) Simple Harmony Drinking Water– Which produces delicious quality water with no waste discharge.

3) Whole House Filter– Which removes chlorine and other contaminants throughout the entire home water system.