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Water Softener Repair

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“Hard” water is water that contains large amounts of calcium, magnesium and other various minerals picked up from dissolved soil and rock. This hard water can be combated by a water softening system. Water softeners help our plumbing by reducing scale (dissolved calcium and magnesium) within our pipes that slows down the flow through the pipes and can eventually be clogged.

scale from hard water

Hard water will also reduce your soap’s ability to lather and can react by leaving sticky soap scum on dishes, clothes and even our bodies. There are several benefits to having a water softener system including:  longer lasting soap, clean pipes and spot free shower doors as well as glassware.

Homeowners have several options when it comes to a home water softener system. Some popular styles include:  ion exchange softeners, salt free softeners, magnetic softeners and reverse osmosis.  (Be sure to check back each weak as we’ll discuss the pros / cons of each system over the next month.) It’s important to have your water softening system checked annually to maintain an optimal level of water softness.

When softener systems malfunction, they can clog up the entire home water lines, break fixtures, appliances, etc. Unfortunately, this is a problem we hear about twice a month from our customers.

Neglected softeners can actually cost homeowners additional money by running water that has not been softened causing their unit to wear out prematurely. By having them checked annually, your favorite Chandler plumber, Benjamin Franklin, can catch small adjustments or repairs to keep your system running longer and maintaining the soft level you invested to have.

Proper inspection and maintenance of your water softening system will keep your home safe and your water soft!

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