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Water Softeners Are Important in Phoenix AZ

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Water Softeners Are Important in Phoenix AZ

Understanding Water Softeners

Water heaters that break every few years can be very frustrating for the Phoenix area homeowners.  While servicing a homeowner today in Mesa, AZ we found that about every two years her hot water heater has stopped working and needed service.  We know that is not just a water heater issue, when we found the parts inside that looked like this:

Look at the difference between her water heater parts and parts from a water heater with water treatment, can you see the difference?

The water going into this home measured at 26 grains of hardness, see my prior blog for information that explains more about what this measurement means, anything over 7 grains, is known as hard water by the US Geological Society.

  • Yes, right here in Mesa, AZ we have homeowners dealing with many home repairs and increase expenses, because they do not have good water treatment in their home or a EasyWater descaler.
  • Ever wonder why other people you know, may NOT have as many repairs as you do?
  • Many homeowners have very hard water around the Phoenix area.
  • Hard water is known to to eat away at many plumbing pipes, fixtures and appliances.
  • It is a fact that if you eat healthier your body will be healthier, it is also a known  fact, that if you treat your water that runs in your plumbing system correctly, your plumbing system will be healthier for it, too.

The right water treatment for a home with a higher level of hardness, is a must, if  the homeowner wants to save money and aggervation on plumbing repairs and damages.

Look at the photo again, if this is in your water heater eating away at its parts, it is also running into your bath, shower and your sink, where you wash and brush your teeth!  But what is it really doing to your hair, skin or the inside of your mouth?

Do you really know your water?

Not all plumbers or water treatment companies are the same. Our plumbers are certified and trained in both plumbing systems and water treatment. Not all products are the same or should the same product be used for all homes for the best treatment.

Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber has worked hard to be sure our plumbers are truly qualified to service all homeowners correctly. We know not all homes are the same. We make sure you have the best solution for your homes’ plumbing system and the measurements of your own water.

We find many water treatment companies that incorrectly run the pipes for soft water treatment, not because they mean to, but they just don’t have the experience in plumbing, we do. Many water treatment don’t offer many choices of water treatment, we do!  We also find many plumbers, do not take the time to train and get the experience in water treatment that we have, there is a true difference in the company you chose to service you and what you get in return.

If you have invested your hardworking money into a home, please protect your investment and call us today for a free water test, Mention this Blog before September 30, 2010.