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Do I have hard water?

Does your water leave annoying white spots on your faucets and showerheads?  Have your clothes looked faded in color after washing? Does your skin feel dry after showering? You may be dealing with hard water. Hard water is found throughout the Phoenix area because the water systems have high amounts of dissolved minerals, magnesium, calcium, and Chlorine. Although hard water is drinkable, there still may be harmful effects on your household’s plumbing systems.

What is the treatment?

The most popular treatment for hard water is a water softener wherever water enters the house and contains a specially formulated resin beads and has a removable lid to add salt or potassium chloride pellets.

How does Water Softening work?

The device’s resin beads do most of the work within the tank. They have a negative charge, so when the hard water passes through the brine tank, the minerals and harmful molecules are trapped by the beads. The now soft water then flows through the rest of the house. When these beads get full, however, the system regenerates itself approximately every 12,000 gallons for a typical three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. Eventually, you will have to put more potassium chloride pellets or salt pellets into the tank, depending on how much water your family uses.

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Through well-defined processes like filtration and softening with ion exchange, we can ensure that undesirable minerals and other contaminants are removed.


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Water treatment is necessary to remove and reduce the harmful minerals, chemicals, Chlorine, and contaminants that have deteriorative effects on both the quality and appearance of water. Once water loses its quality or softness, then it becomes undesirable, especially in case of residential usage.