World Plumbing day is March 11th. As a longtime Phoenix Plumber, this day is very important to us and we want to share it with you!  Plumbers are known to install and repair plumbing systems or find things lost in drains like the earring we saved yesterday for a homeowner.


What is World Plumbing Day all about?  I may be crazy, I know, but this is really important for all of us, let me share with you why.  It’s a day we remember why plumbers are so important to our health and safety.  Did you know without plumbers or plumbing systems our health would be much different today?  Countries that don’t practice basic plumbing principles have many more illnesses and deaths then we do here in America. For more information review


Here are top 5 tips to help your plumbing work better.

1)      Have an annual water heater checkup, just because it feels hot, does not mean it is safe or working properly. Water heater’s not heating at the right temperature can cause Legionnaires’ disease bacteria. (As was the case at the Playboy Mansion causing hundreds to become ill)

2)      Test your tap water annually, showering in high chlorine count can cause serious problems with your health.  It’s important to remember your skin is your largest organ and needs to be protected.

3)  If you notice water at the base of the toilet, be aware- it may be leaking. If it is leaking under the toilet, it will rot your floor causing your home damage and costing you money. Sewage, even clear water, can be very dangerous when not disposed of properly.

4)  Know where your home’s main shut off is and how to use it. Make sure a quick closing valve is installed, it can help you and your family in a panic.

5)  Everyone likes a powerful shower, but too much pressure will wear on your fixtures and plumbing system. It is like our body’s blood pressure, but for your home. Test your water pressure, 60 psi to 80 psi is the recommended pressure, anything more will cost you stress and money!

***We are donating $10.00 from every appointment booked on March 11, 2011 to Wounded Warriors Project.

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We honor all plumbers worldwide that have dedicated their lives to making our health better, Thank you!!

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