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3 Causes of Shower Drain Smells We Can Fix For You

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Shower drain smells occur for many reasons. No matter the cause, you want to eliminate them as fast as possible. The best way to do this is to locate the source of the problem and make a plumbing repair.

Mold and mildew commonly cause shower drain smells. If they grow beneath the drain cover, the smells will protrude throughout the bathroom and maybe further into the home. Another reason smells may occur is a malfunctioning p-trap. When the p-trap malfunctions, sewer gas rises through the pipes. Hair or stuck-on grime often causes odors.

Most shower drain issues are easy to fix, even for inexperienced people. Follow the tips below to locate the source of the odor to make a fast repair.

Clogged Strainer

The built-in strainer often causes shower drain odors as soap scum, hair, and other debris becomes trapped inside before it flows down the drain. It is fairly easy to remove the strainer to clean out the gunk and then replace it. Put on a pair of gloves and clean out the strainer using a hot, soapy sponge or a bristled brush.


Mold and mildew grow in wet, dark places, so the shower is the perfect spot for them. If you smell mold or mildew in the shower, do not hesitate to clean it before a big problem occurs in the bathroom. Remove the strainer to make sure it is properly sealed. If you notice space between the tub and drain cover, it needs to be resealed to close the gap. While the strainer is off, clean the mold and mildew with a solution designed for its removal. Clean the strainer well, including the ring around the drain.

Dry P-Trap

The p-trap covers the drain pipe that connects to the remaining drain system. It gets its name from its distinctive curve p shape. The p-trap is curved and so gunk and debris may get trapped around the ring. It’s possible that you’ll smell sewer gases if they become trapped in the p-trap. Remove the p-trap. If you don’t’ notice water, there is a problem. Pour two cups of water down the train. After one hour, look to see if the water is gone. If it is gone, call our plumbers in Phoenix, AZ for further help.

If you have a shower drain clog or any foul smells call our expert plumbers Phoenix, AZ trusts with their plumbing at Ben Franklin Plumbing.