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What is Repiping & Why is it Important?

The integrity of residential and commercial plumbing systems is greatly enhanced by the work of repipe specialists. Tired of Dealing with Old, Unreliable Water Pipes? Say Goodbye to Plumbing Woes with Ben Franklin Plumbing’s Elite Repiping Solutions.

In order to guarantee an effective water flow throughout the property, water line repiping entails replacing outdated or broken pipes with new ones. Many factors, including age, corrosion, and shoddy installation, may cause pipes to degrade over time. Failing to address these problems may result in water damage to the property, poor water pressure, and leaks.

Repiping solutions from Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ take proactive measures to solve these issues, improving the plumbing system’s overall durability and performance. 

Benefits of Choosing Repipe Specialists for Your Repiping Needs

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Expertise and Experience

Our house repipe pros are adept at identifying and repairing pinhole leaks in PEX pipes and other types. They bring a wealth of practical experience to manage whole home repiping services in Phoenix, ensuring efficient and thorough replacement of outdated copper piping. Their training includes evaluating the state of existing pipes, detecting issues like low water pressure, and recommending the best course of action for home repipe projects.

Quality Materials

A significant benefit of collaborating with Benjamin Franklin repipe specialists is access to high-quality materials. We utilize durable pipes, reducing the risk of pinhole leaks common in PEX pipes and other types.

Our choice of materials includes options suitable for Phoenix homeowners, offering longevity and dependability. This ensures that your water meter readings reflect actual usage, avoiding unexpected spikes in your water bill.

Our repipe specialists can provide outstanding solutions that satisfy the highest standards of quality and workmanship by employing premium materials.


Repiping may save property owners money over time, even if it may seem like a large upfront expense. Our repipe specialists help reduce the likelihood of future plumbing problems such as rust-colored water and save on expensive water damage repairs by replacing outdated or malfunctioning pipes.

Modern repipe plumbing materials are also more efficient than those found in older pipes, which might eventually result in lower water costs. Additionally, our competitive pricing for whole-home repiping services in Phoenix ensures that you get the best value for your investment.

Customized Solutions

Every property has different demands when it comes to repiping. Repipe specialists at Benjamin Franklin are aware of this and provide solutions that are specifically built to meet the needs of each customer.

Regardless of the size of the building—a little home or a huge business complex—we can create a water line repiping design that takes into account the particular difficulties and limitations of the project.

Improved Water Quality

Water running through the plumbing system may not be of optimal quality if the pipes are old or rusted. Our repipe specialists can greatly enhance the water’s quality and make it safe and clean for drinking by swapping out these old pipes with new ones.

This is particularly crucial for homes with hard water since repiping may lessen the accumulation of minerals in the water and increase its general clarity.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

The minimal maintenance needs of modern plumbing materials are among its benefits. Property owners may feel secure knowing that their plumbing system is ready to withstand regular use with little maintenance once the repiping procedure is finished. This lessens the possibility of unforeseen repairs and failures while also saving time and effort.

Whole House Repiping Specialists in Phoenix, AZ

Ben Franklin Plumbing Van

Only professionals should be trusted with full-home repiping in Phoenix, Arizona. The skilled house repipe team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is fully licensed and dedicated to providing excellent repiping services that exceed your expectations. We carefully and precisely manage every step of the repiping process, from the initial evaluation to the final installation.

You can be confident that your home’s plumbing system is in capable hands when you work with us.


The size of the property, the amount of the repiping required, and the kind of materials utilized are some of the variables that might affect the cost of repiping a home. In general, homeowners should budget between $2,500 and $15,000 for a full repiping project.

Yes, repiping a home is often financially worthwhile, particularly if the current pipes are aging, corroded, or prone to leaks. Repiping enhances the plumbing system’s performance and lowers the need for future, expensive water damage repairs.

A well installed and maintained repipe may survive for many years. The majority of contemporary plumbing materials are made to last, offering dependable performance for many years to come.

The length of time required for a complete house repipe might vary based on the property’s size and project complexity. A entire home repiping project might take a few days to a few weeks on average to finish.


Repiping a home is a feasible option. Repipe specialists ensure that the procedure is carried out safely and effectively by handling repiping projects of all sizes and complexity.

Repiping a single bathroom is theoretically feasible, but it is usually more economical to repipe the whole home at once. This reduces the possibility of future problems developing in other areas of the property and guarantees consistency in the plumbing system.

Copper, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), and CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) are often used materials for repiping. Every material has benefits and appropriate uses that vary according on local construction rules, water quality, and budget.

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