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Why Trust Our AZ Drain Cleaning Professionals?

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Blockages in the drains in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale can be more than just a pain; they can really mess up your daily life. Our skilled staff at Ben Franklin Plumbing knows this all too well; as part of their exceptional drain cleaning services, they clean drains using cutting-edge technology to get great results that have made Arizona customers happy for decades! Arizona users who have used our services before have said the following about us:

Mary I., Glendale
They were at my house within two hours of placing my call, diagnosed the problem and fixed everything within an hour. Both plumbers were exceptionally polite and mindful of keeping everything neat and tidy. I had out of town guests at the house who commented on how quiet and efficient the plumbers were.
Joe G., Goodyear
Great service all around from very professional plumbers. Not pushy and gave me all the info I was looking for and some I had no idea I should be asking about… Hopefully, I won't need any services again soon, but if I do, I'll be calling them again.
L. C., Phoenix, AZ
Love these guys. We bought an older home and knew we'd be in for some plumbing issues. We've had Ben Franklin out several times over the past few years for various issues and have always been impressed with their technicians. They're friendly and always go above and beyond to keep the house clean and leave everything better than when they came.
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Don’t let drain issues disrupt your life. Our team in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale is here to provide swift, efficient, and reliable solutions. Whether it’s emergency drain cleaning or routine maintenance, Ben Franklin Plumbing is your go-to expert. Call us now at 602-282-5007 for top-notch service and peace of mind!

Signs You Need Drain Cleaning in Maricopa County

Plumber cleaning clogged sink drain

Recognizing the need for professional plumbers for drain cleaning in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale may save you from the hassle of dealing with a stubborn clog. Here are the signs to watch out for:

Slow Drainage

Slow drainage often indicates a build-up in your pipes, such as soap scum or grease, and should serve as an early warning that professional help is needed. This is particularly common in kitchen sink drain issues, where garbage disposals are frequently used and can contribute to clogs if not maintained properly.

Foul Odors

Foul smells can often be linked to food debris or grease accumulation within your drain system, necessitating professional drain pipe cleaning services to eliminate them.

Water Backup

A water backup, especially in shower drains, is often the result of an obstruction like a drain plug; left unattended, it could lead to extensive water damage.

Recurring Clogs

Are recurring clogs happening despite regular use of a drain cleaner? This signals that professional drain cleaning services in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale should be sought to tackle these issues head-on.

Multiple Clogged Fixtures

Persistent clogs in multiple fixtures, such as drain lines, could indicate a problem in the main sewer lines, possibly due to tree roots intrusion, necessitating professional assistance.

Gurgling Noises

Gurgling sounds are caused by air bubbles escaping through your water supply and indicate possible blockages within your plumbing. In most cases, using a drain snake can fix this issue.

Clogged Drains Services By Trained Professionals

Our team, equipped with cutting-edge tools and expertise, tackles any form of clogged drains in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale. From kitchen drain cleaning, bathroom drain cleaning, floor drain cleaning services, and even sewer line clogging removal. Our clogged drain repair service process involves: 

  • Thorough inspection using modern technology

  • Identifying and resolving the root cause of the blockage

  • Providing maintenance advice to prevent future clogs


The ideal approach to drain cleaning will depend upon each unique situation, though mechanical snaking and hydro-jetting often prove highly successful in clearing away stubborn obstructions and build-up from drains.

To properly clean a drain, it typically involves mechanical snake snaking to dislodge blockages before flushing with water or safe chemical solutions to remove debris that remains.

Ben Franklin Plumbing prioritizes environmental sustainability by using eco-friendly chemicals that safely unclog drains without impacting their workings or damaging plumbing systems.

Step one in drain cleaning usually entails inspecting the drainage system to pinpoint its location and source of obstructions.

Drain cleaning is essential to prevent blockages, reduce unpleasant odors, and ensure optimal plumbing system performance, guaranteeing smooth and healthy operations.

Plungers or plumber’s snakes should typically be the initial methods used to unclog PVC pipes; if these methods don’t do the trick, gentle chemical drain cleaners are usually suitable as an alternate option.

Our Expanded Range of Services

Ben Franklin Plumbing goes beyond simple unclog services; we specialize in all aspects of plumbing repair, problem-solving, and finding trusted plumbers based on specific client requirements. Emergency drain cleaning service is also provided when necessary.

Are You Looking for Drain Cleaning Services? Call Ben Franklin Plumbing Today!

Delaying action to address clogged drains can have far-reaching ramifications. Our professional teams in Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale stand ready to offer swift yet practical solutions—whether that means emergency drain pipe cleaning services or routine maintenance. Trust Ben Franklin Plumbing’s expert staff for prompt, professional, courteous clogged drain repair solutions and more!

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We are a top rated plumber in the Phoenix Area with an A+ Rating with the BBB Better Business Bureau, serving communities across the Valley. We provide the best plumbing service, water heater installation, and plumbing installation.


As a U•Win Endorsed Contractor, our U•Win Guarantee means our techs have been fully vetted and trained. Emergency Plumbing in Phoenix AZ. Our Professional plumber and service technician provide the best plumbing service.


The Benjamin Franklin Plumbing On-Time Guarantee plumbing service means if there’s any delay, it’s you we pay!* Our Phoenix plumbers strive for your Complete customer satisfaction and customer service of your plumbing needs.


We are a locally owned and operated Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise and Phoenix plumbing company serving the Valley since 2005 for all your plumbing needs. Expert plumbers in every Phoenix, AZ metro zip code with background checks.