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What Does Bio-Ben Do?
Bio-Ben is the most advanced drain, septic, and grease trap treatment available.

Fast Acting: Bio-Ben begins working immediately when introduced in a drain line or collection system. These friendly bacterial cultures do not require a wake-up period as with other microbial products.

Ease: Bio-Ben is easy to use and simple to pour and go. No pre-mixing, the convenient drain back bottle cap measurer is used to add the correct amount of treatment to the drain line or collection system.

Value: Bio-Ben requires one-half capful per treatment. One-half capful has more activity than five capfuls of other bio-products.

Eliminates Emergency Callbacks: Bio-Ben continues to work long after the service call. The bacteria continue to feed on the organic residue left in the drain line, grease trap, and septic tank long after the plumber leaves.