3 Common Causes of Sewer Line Clogging

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Property and homeowners have felt the first-hand experience of Sewer line clogs. Establishing the cause of the blockage and rectifying it is a headache that only plumbing professionals can handle. However, before doing any sewage line repair, it’s imperative to identify the cause to prevent a repeat of the same later.

Here are three common reasons why you could be experiencing frequent sewer line clogging.

Tree Roots

Although trees are essential for the beautification of a home, its roots can cause significant damages to your drainage and water supply pipes. If unattended to, they may develop root balls or wrap around the drains and, in turn, cause damage.

How do you prevent this from happening? Cutting down the roots and replacing the broken pipes is the primary solution. However, a reputable plumber can divert the sewer line in a situation where the trees are of great value.

Presence of Foreign Objects in the Line

Baby diapers, kitchen objects, or tampons are common causes of sewer line blockage. Although the property occupants might have trash bins, some of these vices might go unnoticed. How do you identify the drainage system that has blocked?

Sewer lines produce odor that only a few people can withstand leave alone work on them. As such, hiring a plumber to clear the drain can give you peace of mind. The professionals have special equipment that detects and clears objects or debris without creating a fuss.

Poor Plumbing Connections

Whether you built the house or bought it from an agency, you might fail to notice some errors in the plumbing system. As such, frequent leakages, blockages, and short supply of water will be an everyday concern. To curb this disaster, look for a plumbing contractor with a history of delivering exceptional services. An overhaul of the system or a few changes can solve this if done by the right people.

A functional sewer line increases your home value but can cost you handsomely when it needs fixing. To prevent this from happening, contact our professionals at Ben Franklin Plumbing in Phoenix, AZ for Sewer installation and repair services.