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3 Home Remedies for Minor Plumbing Clogs

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Plumbing clogs occur at the worst of times so it seems. When you invite company over for dinner or during the middle of the night, for example. Clogs usually give some indication of trouble well ahead of an actual problem that requires attention. Notice a slow drain or half flush? These two issues commonly occur when there is a clog. If you would like to try out a few home remedies for clogs, give the strategies below a go. These ideas work better than you might expect. In that case, you’ll save time and money without the need for expert plumbing service.


The trusty plunger is the first solution for a toilet clog or a sink clog. Make sure each type of plunger is readily available in the bathroom and which to use at the appropriate time. A plunger usually resolves minor clogs and sometimes more moderate clogs, but you’ll eventually need expert plumbing service.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Add one tablespoon baking soda to the clog. Allow the baking soda to sit in the clog for about 15-minutes. Next, pour in one-cup vinegar. Allow this to sit another 10-minutes. Baking soda usually loosens up grime so the clogged substances make their way down the drain.

Dish Liquid and Hot Water

This solution works great for many households. Add a teaspoon baking soda to the clog. Give it time to sit in the clog as you boil a pot of hot water on the stove. Pour the hot water into the clog. You should then flush the toilet or run water into the sink to ensure the clog is gone.

When home remedies do not offer promising results, call a Phoenix plumber like Ben Franklin Plumbing for help. Our Plumbers in Phoenix bring diagnostic tools and plumbing repair equipment to your home. Combined with their experience and expertise, our plumbers have what it takes to resolve any clog in your home’s plumbing system.