3 Reasons Customers Call Us For Emergency Plumbing Issues

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There are several reasons to call a 24-hour plumbing in Phoenix like Ben Franklin Plumbing. For example, when you wake up to low water pressure, and you are the only one with the issue, then it is time to call a plumber. Here are the three top reasons when an emergency plumber in Scottsdale can be your saving grace.

Raw sewage is full of contaminants

When you have a sewage pipe burst, or your septic tank backs up into the house, then you have a massive issue. Fixing this problem is not usually something the typical homeowner can do themselves. These problems may require digging up the yard to get to exterior pipes. Besides the ungodly stench, there are a lot of dangers of having sewage in the home. Ruining your expensive things is just one of them.

A sewage backup or leak in the home can cause health problems. Sewage breeds disease and lets bacteria flourish. No matter who lives in the home, this issue is a complete disaster that needs immediate help from an emergency plumber Phoenix.

Leaks can cause mold in as little as 24 hours

Dripping faucets are one thing. A leak behind the wall is an entirely different story. These problems can breed mold fast. The Centers for Disease Control says mold grows in as short a time as one day. Finding the issue is one problem. Fixing it means fast repairs that only a trusted plumber in Arizona can handle.

No one wants to take a cold shower

When you have no hot water, then it is best to use the emergency number and call a plumber in Glendale AZ. Our plumbing professionals can get to you quick. They will find the issue and have your hot water back in no time.

To avoid cold showers, mold, and fecal bacteria, calling an emergency plumber in Phoenix like Ben Franklin Plumbing may be your best bet when your Arizona home has plumbing issues. Keep our number in your phone and on the refrigerator. You will thank yourself the next time something unexpected happens.