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3 Reasons You May Get an Unusually High Water Bill

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Getting a bill, whether in the mail or by email, isn’t generally a fun experience. However, opening a surprisingly high water bill could be cause for more than financial concern. It could be a sign of a problem with your plumbing system. Here are three reasons your water bill might be higher than normal, and what you can do to get it back where it should be.

Increased Water Usage
Be honest with this evaluation. New landscaping features that require extra care or a period of unusually dry weather can cause increased water demand. If you have been running the dishwasher more than normal, taking long soaks in a tub, or filling a new pool, you may have actually used all that extra water last month. In this case, be conscious of your water use and monitor household habits so you aren’t surprised with the next bill.

A Slow Leak
Slow leaks in plumbing fixtures can quickly become big bills. Consider that a continuously running toilet can consume around 200 gallons of water every single day. If your water is billed every two months, that could easily add more than 10,000 gallons to your normal bill. Address any small drips or leaky toilets to avoid any future surprises in your water bills.

Underground Pipe Failure
Sometimes leaks aren’t as easy to spot. If your fixtures all check out and there are no signs of a leak within walls, you may have an underground leak in your supply line. This is a major plumbing problem, and it can lead to damage to the structure of your home if it is near the foundation. A licensed plumber can evaluate the situation and determine any underground pipes are leaking.

If your last water bill delivered a surprise, it may be time to call our plumbers in the Phoenix area. Our team at Ben Franklin Plumbing can diagnose your pipes and fixtures to determine if a leak is present and offer solutions so you don’t get any more unexpectedly high water bills.