3 Tips on Saving Water Outdoors In Your Phoenix Backyard

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If you’re looking for a way to lower your water bill this summer in Phoenix, you can start now but by making some small changes outside this spring. There are plenty of ways to conserve water in your outdoor space. Not only are you helping the environment by using less, but you’ll put money back in your pocket too.

Inspect Your Outdoor Pipes For Leaks

One of the best ways to save water is to fix any leaky pipes or faucets. The winter can be hard on pipes, so doing a visual inspection in the yard and around the perimeter of your home may uncover plumbing problems. A telltale sign of a leaky pipe in the yard is a soft spot in the dirt. You should consider hiring a plumbing professional to do an inspection of your outdoor pipes if you think there’s a leak.

Change The Way You Water Your Garden And Lawn

It’s easy to turn the sprinkler on and walk away, but often sprinklers aren’t the most efficient way to water. Depending on what type of landscaping you have, and the size of your yard, hand watering may be an option instead. Irrigation systems are a great way to give your grass just the right amount of water, especially when you put them on a timer.

Keep An Eye On Your Swimming Pool’s Water Level

If you have a swimming pool, it’s important to check the water level as part of your regular pool maintenance. When the water level is too low or too high, it could mean you have a leak or a problem with the auto-fill valve. Your pool could be wasting thousands of gallons of water every month.

One of the best ways to save water is to get a maintenance check-up from a licensed plumber in Phoenix.  Our Plumbing professionals can check your plumbing system for leaks inside and out, and they can fix any issues now before they turn into a big expense later.