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4 Reasons to Call a Local Plumber As Soon as You See a Plumbing Issue

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Plumbing problems are usually noticeable from a very early stage. If left unfixed, they will only cause more costs and expenses in the long run. Not only are they wasteful, but they can be very annoying, especially the drips.

Regardless of how careful you are, plumbing issues are inevitable, and it is very tempting to overlook them. Most individuals will procrastinate fixing the minor issues until they are full-blown. Some can even cause more issues like water damage or mold if not taken care of right away.

However, some “minor” plumbing problems can be signs or indicators of significant plumbing problems that are a risk for you and your family. To fix issues quick call in a plumber in Phoenix like Ben Franklin Plumbing that offers 24×7 Hour Emergency Plumbers ready to help you at any time.

Here are some Plumbing signs you should look out for around the house.

Sewer odor

If you can smell sewer, then your sewer lines need to be looked at. Except for vent stacks, all other drains should be airtight. Refill the dry trap with water and examine it for leaks. Examining pipes can be a tricky job, so it’s better to call a Plumber in Scottsdale. Another sign for broken sewer lines is extra green patches of grass or a pool of septic waste in the yard.

Smelly water

If the hot water has a rotten-egg odor, it’s an indicator of a problematic water heater. To fix this, flush the tank then fill it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Let it sit for about two hours in the tank and then rinse it with clean water. If the smell doesn’t go away, you should call a plumbing expert. However, if the smelly water is for both cold and hot water, the water heater may not be the problem.

Tankless water heaters won’t ignite- this is normal if you have run out of gas, or the water and gas valves are partially open. If the ignition problem sticks, it may be a technical issue. Call for help or to have our Plumbers in Phoenix to look at the Tankless water heater. You may need to replace some parts or new a new water heater.

Cloudy water

Is a sign of excess particles in your water supply, and it may either be temporary or permanent. Also, if the water has a metallic taste, you should consider  water treatment services. This is to get rid of excess iron that might cause a rust problem. Water treatment is essential for drinking water, and also to prevent further complications such as damaged laundry or reduced water flow because of build-up.