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5 Reasons to Have a Sewer Camera Inspection in an Older Mesa, AZ Home

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Buying an older home in Mesa, AZ can likely mean dealing with some repair issues upon purchase. With plumbing issues, in particular, our team at Ben Franklin Plumbing highly recommends having a sewer inspection done. There are a few advantages of doing this in an older home, including those listed below.

1. Identify Leaks

If you’ve noticed any water damage but can’t determine where it’s coming from, a camera inspection can help. These small devices can go many feet through drains to identify problem areas with great accuracy. With this information, you can simplify the repair process.

2. See Pipe Condition

In older homes, pipes can show signs of wear and tear that can eventually lead to leaks and other issues. You can learn more about the condition of your pipes with a thorough camera inspection. Your plumber will look for signs of rust, leaks, and other issues that signal replacement is needed.

3. Identify the Problem Quickly

Without seeing what’s going on inside of a pipe, it can be a guessing game as to what the exact problem is. While plumbers will use their experience and knowledge to help, nothing beats having a camera inspection. This puts eyes inside of the pipes so the exact issue and the location of it can be pinpointed.

4. Identify Cause of Clogs

If you’re dealing with clogs, your plumber can determine what’s causing them by using a camera in the pipes. By understanding the problem, you can work with the people in your household to avoid these clogs again in the future. However, if the issue is outside of your control and related to trees or roots, you’ll know to have them addressed as soon as possible.

5. See Clear Pipes

Once your plumber has completed necessary repairs, they can show you the results by using the camera once again. This can give you peace of mind knowing the problem has been taken care of and the pipes are clear.

Understand Your Home’s Pipes

If you’re buying an older home in Mesa, AZ, give our plumbers in Mesa, AZ at Ben Franklin Plumbing a call. We can use our cameras to get a deeper look at what’s going on with your plumbing. Our priority is your home’s safety and plumbing you can rely on.