5 Signs A Water Heater Needs Replacing

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Many homeowners seldom stop to think about their home’s water heater. However, this component plays a crucial role in providing hot water the structure’s residents use to cook, shower and operate important appliances like their dishwashers and washing machines. A malfunctioning or leaking component can be a major inconvenience and a serious expense to fix or replace.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, which serves the homeowners of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale and the surrounding suburbs of these Arizona cities, suggests customers to read the following short piece discussing several signs that may indicate a water heater needs replacing:

A Limited Supply Of Hot Water

Arguably, the most obvious sign a water heater is going bad is that said unit only supplies a limited amount of hot water. For example, if you turn the hot water handle on a sink or shower and the content only remains hot for brief periods or fails to heat up at all, chances are the heater has broken or sediments have collected inside the unit that prevent heat sources from reaching the water.

Unusual Sounds from your Water Heater

The presence of loud or unusual noises could be a red flag. When the aforementioned sediments collect inside the unit, said materials might click and bang when the heater powers on and off.

Rusty Water

As units age, they might accumulate rust inside the water tanks. Industry professionals maintain that a unit with a significant degree of rust stands at greater risk of leaking in short order. Therefore, if a home’s water supply appears to contain a rusty hue, the owner is strongly encouraged to contact a plumber.

Leaking Water Heater

Heat causes metal to expand. Over time, this natural scientific process could precipitate the development of fractures inside an aging unit. Should a homeowner notice any pooling of water near the unit, a professional plumbing contractor should be contacted right away and the unit will almost invariably require replacing.

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