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7 Signs A Toilet Needs Repair or Replacement

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Though often taken for granted, a residential or commercial property’s toilets execute the critical role of eliminating human waste and other undesirable materials.

When these water processing apparatuses stand in good working order, they are seen but seldom heard. Once toilets are heard, said devices are typically experiencing some type of technical difficulties necessitating investigation and repair.

Signs A Toilet Needs Repair

Continual Clogging

It is normal for a toilet to become stopped up every now and again. However, repeated clogging incidents often indicate trouble. This occurrence could suggest a tiring or faulty component.


Rusting on the structure’s metal parts often indicates such features are aged. Over time, rusted materials might not function optimally. Therefore, they should be replaced as soon as possible.

Flushing Difficulties

A toilet cannot perform properly unless it can flush out the inserted waste products. Therefore, any type of flushing mechanism interruption is a significant problem that must be promptly addressed.

In many instances, flushing issues are relatively simple fixes. Occasionally, however, the problem might be the result of more serious issues such as diminished water pressure or obstructed water jets.


Cracks along the toilet’s frame indicates the device is aging or experiencing structural problems. If not corrected quickly, said events could lead to further breakages or possibly even damaging leaks.

Constant Running

Typically, continual running is a surefire indication of a toilet needing remediation. This occurrence could lead to a precipitous waste or water, which could have an adverse impact on a home or property owner’s monthly utility bills. That said, however, in many cases, frequent running is a relatively simple and fixable issue.

Unusual Sounds

Sometimes, struggling toilets make unusual noises. Plumbing professionals caution individuals to pay close attention to gurgling sounds emanating from other water processing devices such as sinks and drains.

Oftentimes, this phenomenon is caused by blocked drain vents inside a toilet. When said event occurs, sewer gases cannot escape through the toilet and attempt to exit through other adjacent apparatuses.


Naturally, any leaks are plumbing emergencies requiring immediate attention. Water damage could lead to the development of health-inhibiting materials and extensive property damage.

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