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Arizona Appliance Rebate Program: Water Heaters Included

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Water heaters can qualify for Arizona Appliance Rebate Program.   The rebate program has 6.2 million dollars slotted for Arizona homeowners to replace their older inefficient appliances (get them off the Arizona grid) with high efficient Energy Star rated models.

Not all water heaters are the same. Some run with higher energy efficiency and less monthly costs to the homeowner, not to mention some also offer other wonderful benefits, too. Although your water heater may seem as though it is working fine, how much money does it really cost you to run every month?

Newer high energy efficient water heater models can help you  save now on the purchase cost, with this rebate and on your monthly cost to run it, but you have to have a reservation first.

Which hot water heaters are covered under the Arizona Cash for Appliance Rebates?

Not all water heaters qualify for this program. Only the very high energy efficient water heaters with an Energy Star rating will qualify. Having an Energy Star rating means that the water heater will generally run 15-50% more efficient then water heaters without the Energy Star rating.

Water heaters that qualify for this rebate program include some gas tankless, electric heat pump and gas storage tank style water heaters.  We’ll talk about specific models in upcoming blog posts.

How much are the rebates?

Each water heater qualifies for a flat rebate amount from $200.00-$425.00 as funded by thethe American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. .

Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber of Phoenix will match the cash rebate that you qualify for towards a new water heater.   Bottom line with the BF promotion: $400.00-$850.00 total towards a new Energy Star rated qualified water heater.

A separate reservation is needed for each appliance that a homeowner qualifies for under the rebate program.

What is the time frame to take advantage of the rebates?

Mark your calender.  The earliest date you can get a reservation is April 12, 2010, at 6am.   It is expected that all the rebate program will be popular, so make your reservation early.  When the money is gone the rebate program ends.  This a great time to get help to pay for a new high energy efficient water heater and save money every month on your energy bills.

What are the particulars of the plan?

  1. The homeowner will need to get the website address or phone number to apply for a reservation- not yet announced by the State of Arizona. Watch us, we will tweet all the up-to-date information  to everyone following us. We will also share it on, our facebook page and discuss details on our Phoenix Plumber Pipeline Blog.
  2. The homeowner will need to apply for the reservation and be confirmed that they have qualified.
  3. Next the homeowner will need to contact a licensed plumber (we hope you consider us, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, The Punctual Plumber) to select the qualifing water heater and arrange to replace the old model water heater,  thus getting it off the Arizona grid.
  4. Depending on the water heater chosen and the city codes, the plumber will review what city permits are needed  for the new water heater to be installed.
  5. The water heater will be installed professionally and according to city code requirements.
  6. Proper disposal of the old water heater by a licensed plumber is also noted to ensure proper recycling documentation.

Contact us at 602-904-7252 or book an on line appointment  to get the BF matching rebate offer exclusively from us. 

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