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Chandler Plumbing News: It’s monsoon season and Phoenix made the national news on September 8th when record-breaking amounts of rainfall flooded freeways, turned neighborhoods into lakes and caused major damage in homes and businesses. They’re calling it The 100 Year Flood and the storm will be one that people will be talking about for years to come.

Chandler got the highest amount of rainfall with this storm and since we want to be your trusted Chandler plumber, we want to be sure you’re prepared for future monsoons and storms.

Monsoons season is from July 15 to September 30. Monsoon storms range from minor dust storms to violent thunderstorms. Typically, Arizona monsoon storms start with heavy winds sometimes resulting in a visible wall of dust hundreds of feet high moving across the Valley. These dust storms are normally accompanied by frequent thunder and lightning often leading to heavy downpours. Monsoon rains average about 2-1/2″, about 1/3 of our yearly rainfall.

Serious damage can occur from high winds, or from debris being tossed by those high winds. It is not unusual for trees to be downed, power lines to be damaged, and roof damage to occur. As you might imagine, homes that are not as sturdy, like some manufactured homes, are more susceptible to wind damage. Power outages for short periods of time are not uncommon. Flooding often occurs as well.

What should you do if you’re caught outside in a monsoon? To avoid being struck by lightning stay away from open fields, high land, trees, poles, other tall objects, standing bodies of water including swimming pools, and metal objects including golf clubs and lawn chairs. If you’re driving, slow down, stay out of low-lying areas, obey “do not enter when flooded” signs and if you have to, pull off the road until the storm passes.

If you’re home during the Arizona monsoon storms, there are some things you can do to stay safe and enjoy the natural light and sound show:


  1. Turn off all unnecessary electrical equipment during storms to decrease the draw on power companies. This is a prime time for power outages in the area.


  1. Because of the risk of power failure, keep batteries, a working battery-powered radio or television, flashlights, and candles handy. If the power goes out, remember to keep lit candles out of direct drafts.


  1. Stay off the phone. Even cordless phones can cause a shock in cases of nearby lightning strikes. Use cellular phones for emergencies only.


  1. Stay away from plumbing fixtures including showers, baths, and sinks. Lightning can travel through metal pipes.


  1. Keep your distance from windows as high winds can blow heavy debris.

We hope you found these tips from your Chandler plumber helpful. Should monsoon season cause any plumbing issues within your home, please contact Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ for help. (602) 273-1740