Avoid Freezing Water Pipes In Phoenix AZ

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Yes, water pipes do freeze in Phoenix AZ.  Local weather reports here in Phoenix Arizona are reporting cold tempartures along with some reports of a chance of night time freezing temperatures.  It’s not just your plants you want to protect when the temperature gets very cold around Phoenix Arizona, your water pipes need your attention too.

First, review the reported nighttime temperature  before heading to bed to try to avoid any plumbing system or water damages.

Although it’s not common to have freezing pipes around here, we experienced a lot of damage just a few years ago with freezing temperatures.  We had many homes with freezing pipes around Gilbert and  Scottsdale Arizona  see this video  on Youtube to see what happens when pipes freeze right here in the valley.

Around Phoenix many homes are not built with plumbing systems to stand up to freezing temperatures.

Here are some quick preventative steps to protect your water pipes from freezing:

  • Water pipes exposed to the very cold weather, should be wrapped in foam or something else protecting them from the very cold weather.
  • These water pipes could be located outside the home or in the attic.
  • Water valves, like pressure reducer valves, hose bibs or back flow preventers are all subject to freezing as well.
  • Water pipes that are exposed to very cold weather can be turned on to continually run a trickle amount of water through them to prevent freezing.
  • Water pipes can be drained of any water to stop water from freezing and splitting the pipe open.

Everyone should;

  • Mark the main shut off, in case of an emergency it can be found quickly.
  • Make sure the main shut off is in working condition.

If your water pipes do freeze, you will see water leaking from the broken pipe as the frozen water thaws out. Don’t panic, turn your water off as soon as possible to avoid water damage and get it repaired.

We have over 25 years of working with leaking pipes inside and outside the home.

We are here for you 24/7 with a real live person answering your call 24/7….if you need any help with freezing water pipes or any other plumbing or water treatment need. Just call 602-903-1762 or click on www.benfranklinplumbingaz.com to book a quick online appointment.


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