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Any fashionistas looking for a little pop of glam in your accessories for the holidays? We l0ve easy to make, easy to wear, affordable, one of a kind statement pieces and thats why were so excited to share this with you. So try something unexpected like this…

You may have seen the hints of gold and copper accessories hitting the runways this fall and we’re here to tell you theres a very simple and affordable way to get this hair do yourself.

Did we mention it was actually pieces of piping? Not all plumbing pieces are used for plumbing repair. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing we love showing our customers the multi functions of the plumbing supplies we use everyday. Piping has the most range in use. You can look at previous blogs to see how its used as furniture pieces and storage and in future blog posts we’ll even show you easy, do it yourself holiday decor projects, as well as how to make one of a kind statement pieces. However, our favorite thing about piping is when you can actually wear it.

You can head to your local home improvement store and pick piping pieces in all shapes, sizes and metals. Once you pick out your pipe, while you’re still in the store ask for your pipe piece to be cut between one and three inches – depending on the size you’re looking for.

Then all you have to decide is whether or not you’re going to go for a sleek or casual pony tail, a cute braid, or experiment with different up do’s. Yes, it is really that easy! Who wouldn’t want to try out this glam, chic look.

To insert the clip into your hair, just twist the hair style and slip the clip up to the spot you would like it in. If you’re worried about it staying put just wrap a small elastic hair band under the clip.

Whichever way you decide to incorporate the DIY hair cuff you can be guaranteed the cuff itself will be the easiest part. We would love to see your styles. Check out our facebook page: and send us pictures that we can feature on our next DIY Blog!

Thanks to our friends at glitterandpearls.com for sharing DIY Plumbing inspired fashion tips!