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Celebrating our Namesake, Benjamin Franklin

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Benjamin Franklin

Independence Day otherwise known as the Fourth of July, is the anniversary of the US legal separation from Great Britain with the Declaration of Independence. A founding father and our personal namesake, Benjamin Franklin, was one of five men who helped draft the Declaration of Independence. This July 4th, we wanted to highlight some fun facts about Benjamin Franklin and how innovative he was.

Ben Franklin Printing Press

  • Born January 17, 1706 to a household of seventeen children and the son of a soap maker, he apprenticed for his brother who was a printer. Here is where he was able to distribute his first publications under the name “Silence Dogood”, a controversial feminist column. Franklin remained a printer until his death at 83.


Ben Franklin electricity

  • He didn’t start conducting experiments with electricity until the age of 45. He nearly killed himself with his early experiments and was knocked senseless twice.


Ben Franklin Firefighter

  • Franklin played a pivotal role in founding the first circulation library, hospital, insurance company and volunteer fire company.  He was completely submersed  in  his community and was constantly working to improve humanity.


  • Some of Franklin’s inventions include the Franklin stove, the g lass harmonica, bifocals, swim fins and the lightening rod!

Ben Franklin copper_bathtub

  •  And finally, in plumbing events, Ben Franklin was said to have imported the first bathtub from Europe over to America!

During his lifetime he was a writer, publisher, scientist, inventor and diplomat. This great man believed that it was important to be honest and diligent, work hard and always try to be a good person. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we take on these same ideals and today we honor this man for all the good things that he has done to improve our lives.