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Kitchen Faucets

Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, coming in from working in the yard, cleaning up an art project or washing the dishes, your kitchen faucet sees a lot of action on a typical day. Having a kitchen faucet you love can make a typical day easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few kitchen faucet innovations we thought you’d like to know about.

A hands-free faucet is a wonderful addition to the kitchen for many families and well worth the effort and expense of installing one. Because you can activate the water with a simple swipe of your hand, the benefits are many. Some benefits include transmitting less germs, less mess to spread and simple convenience. Because many models turn off automatically, you can also save water and money.

Manufacturers also have pulldown and pullout kitchen faucets that offer easy maneuverability, retracting and secure docking. From washing dishes to filling pots with water, these faucets make everyday tasks easier. Many people get a pullout faucet and wonder how they ever lived without it.

Moen also has the M•PACT common valve system that makes switching your faucet as easy as changing your light bulb. Imagine having an M•PACT compatible fixture that lets you upgrade your bath or shower faucets at any time and never touch the plumbing. All changes can be made above the deck or in front of the wall. That’s amazing!

There are new finishes available now as well. Traditional stainless, Mediterranean bronze, chrome, brushed chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and even matte black are popular choices.

By choosing the styles and finishes that suit your style, you can give your kitchen a modern feel, go with a more vintage vibe or choose something traditional. Whatever you choose, it should make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable with the convenience of saving time in the kitchen when you’d rather spend your time elsewhere.

Do you need help choosing or replacing your kitchen faucets? Maybe you need a whole new kitchen sink. Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ would be happy to help, just give us a call!