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Chandler Plumber | Labor Day and the Plumbing Profession

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Labor Day: In honor of those Who Labor

Labor Day is always the first Monday in September. It is a celebration of the American labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.

It is undeniable that those in the plumbing industry contribute a great deal to the public’s safety and well-being. Plumbing has come a long way since chamber pots and outhouses! In America in particular, we get to enjoy the benefits of safe plumbing practices and all the advancements that have been made, from toilets to sewer systems.

On this Labor Day, we’d like to give you an inside look into the plumbing profession. We hope it will help you see the plumbing industry–and your favorite Phoenix valley plumber–in a whole new light.

What plumbers do

It’s not a stretch to call plumbers heroes when they come to your rescue when you have a busted pipe or broken toilet. Plumbers install and repair water supply lines, waste disposal systems, and related appliances and fixtures to keep homes and businesses flowing smoothly.

Being a plumber is physically demanding. Strength, stamina, and an ability to work in a variety of environments are all assets you’ll need before you decide to pick up a pipe wrench.

Unless it’s for scheduled maintenance or installation, people who need plumbers usually need them right away. Plumbers can often work more than 40 hours per week and are frequently on call for nights and weekends. That’s dedication!

A plumber’s education

Training for plumbing jobs is available from trade schools, community colleges, and on the job as a plumbing apprentice. Apprenticeships typically span four to five years and involve paid on-the-job training and a minimum of 144 hours of classroom time per year.

Though requirements vary by location, two to five years of experience and successful completion of a test covering trade knowledge and local code is usually necessary before a license will be issued allowing a plumber to work independently.

At Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ, our requirements extend beyond the basics. We value our customers’ safety and protection so our plumbers are also expected to deliver excellent customer service and meet our customers’ needs while continuing to learn and advance their skills. We also hold them to a high standard of honest, ethics and integrity and ensure that they are drug free and without a criminal background.

 Career options

Many experienced plumbers choose to go into business for themselves; others become contractors. Plumbers can also earn ‘green’ trade certifications to pursue opportunities with environmentally friendly companies.

The future for plumbers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects faster than average growth in plumbing positions over the 2008-2018 decade. Many current plumbers, pipelayers, pipefitters, and steamfitters are expected to retire over the next decade, and some employers are already reporting a shortage of qualified applicants in the plumbing field. Skilled plumbers, particularly those with welding experience or environmentally friendly certifications, are well-positioned to be in demand.

At Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ, we’re proud to employ many highly trained and dedicated plumbers with a broad range of skills and expertise. We wish them, their families and all of you a Happy Labor Day. Should you require the services of a plumber this Labor Day weekend or any time, give us a call. (602) 273-1740