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Plumbing Improvements

Ask yourself if there are plumbing issues in your home that need to be repaired or upgraded. When you think about making updates to your plumbing system, do you wonder what you should address first?

If you’re considering how to prioritize your plumbing improvements, here are some check-lists you can use to get started.

1. It’s broken but you don’t know it. These are things you may not notice but that need to be checked periodically before they get worse.

The main shut off valve can break in the “on” position.

Your toilet shut off valve can corrode from the inside out and freeze up or blow off the wall when under high pressure.

Your water heater’s temperature and pressure valve that prevents the heater from blowing up.

The water heater element. Many electric units have two and when one breaks, the other has to work harder which results in less hot water.

The washing machine shut off valve. You want it to be working if you have to shut it off in an emergency.

2. High-risk items. These issues need to be addressed immediately to avoid major emergencies.

Reverse osmosis systems that are more than seven years old. The plastic tubing is at risk for cracking which can lead to non-stop leaks and even flooding.

Washing machine hoses.

The main shut off valve.

Clogs in the main sewer line.

Broken toilet flappers that can lead to overflows.

Shower handles that barely turn off.

3. Water-saving upgrades. Save water and money when you “go green.”

Shower heads with a Water Sense rating.

Water-saving, dual-flush toilets.

Hybrid or tankless water heaters.

Fixing small leaks.

Replacing faucet cartridges and toilet flappers to avoid wasted water.

Making small improvements over time can save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the future—and can even save water, too!

Whether you are home or away, if you need any inspections or maintenance projects done, call Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ to get it taken care of.