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Do You Need a New Faucet?

Maybe your current faucet is worn out or you’re trying to improve the look of your bathroom or kitchen but either way, shopping for a new faucet can be overwhelming. Whether you’re browsing at your west valley home improvement store or shopping online from home in Avondale, Glendale or Peoria, there are many options. When you’re shopping online, just remember to check the site’s return policy and the product warranty.

Here are some other things to keep in mind.

Kitchen faucets

Do you want a sidespray? They are a small spray nozzle separate from the faucet, connected to a pullout hose for full flexibility and functionality when spraying dishes or cleaning the inside of the sink. They work well with a bridge or traditional swing-spout faucets. A bridge faucet can be mounted on a sink deck or wall. They feature a two-handle design with a generous swing spout and are available in traditional or contemporary styles.

If you prefer a clean sink deck without a sidespray, a pull-down faucet may be the right solution. Pull-down faucets typically feature a generous spout height as well as multiple spray options – stream, spray and pause – for ease of use.

If you like clutter-free counters, a wall-mount faucet can help you achieve that cleaner look. Several deck-mount faucets, in traditional and contemporary styles, are available as well as wall-mount faucets.

A single-handle faucet allows you to control the volume and temperature with one lever, located either on the faucet or next to it.

Many people prefer the familiarity and separate temperature controls of two-handle faucets. These are available with a variety of handle types, including lever, cross or wristblade, that are easy to operate.

What about a pot filler? Wonderfully convenient for the home cook, wall- or deck-mount pot fillers are installed next to or above a stovetop, giving you quick access to water without having to transfer pots back and forth to the sink.

Keep in mind, too, that if your faucet going into a prep sink or island you may need a smaller size.

Bathroom faucets

Before shopping for a bathroom faucet replacement, remove the old faucet and count the holes in the sink where the faucet had been installed. If there are two or more holes, measure from the centers of the holes that are furthest apart. If the distance is 4 inches, choose a center-set faucet with the spout and handles configured as one unit on a base. For holes 8-16 inches apart, you’ll need a widespread faucet set (the spout and handles are separate). For a sink with just one hole, put a single-hole bathroom faucet on your shopping list. Pair a vessel sink with a tall faucet mounted in the countertop or select a wall-mount faucet. Measure out from the wall to the center of the sink and purchase a wall-mount faucet spout long enough to deliver water directly into the basin without splashing onto the countertop.

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