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Chandler Plumbing Services | Water Heater Temperature

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Chandler Plumbing Services | Water Heater Temperature

Ben Franklin offers Chandler Plumbing Services | Water Heater

Ben Franklin is offering Chandler plumbing services and teaching you how to set the water heater temperature.  Follow this link for Chandler Plumbing.  To learn more about water heaters, read on.

Part 1:

We are going to be talking about water heaters in October and November. Today we’re addressing the question we get asked the most about water heaters: what the correct temperature is to set them to.

This is a complicated question because there are two different recommendations. The first comes from the U.S. Department of Labor which is to not lower the water heater temperature below 140 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid Legionnaires ’ disease. The second is to keep the temperature at 120 degrees to save energy and protect from getting burned.

Most manufacturers recommend a setting of 120degrees. Both gas and electric water heaters have temperature controls and can be adjusted to suit your needs. We encourage you to check your manufacturer’s instruction booklet for your individual brand of water heater control settings.

As the weather gets colder outside, you might find that your shower water is getting colder, too. It’s easy to change the temperature on your water heater, just be advised that your water heater needs to be in good working order because adjusting it.

For electric standard tank style models: 1) Turn off the breaker to the electric water heater. 2) Open the panel for each the lower and upper thermostat. It is important to keep both upper and lower thermostat at the same degree. Use a small screwdriver to turn the temperature knob up one notch. Normally they are labeled with letters, numbers, high or low. Turning the knob counterclockwise will increase the temperature. 3) When complete, close the panels and turn the breaker back on.

For a gas standard tank style water heaters: 1) Normally it will have a knob in easy view. Turn it to hot or hotter or the dial may have A through D (with A being the hottest) to adjust the temperature. It is recommended to only increase the temperature one setting at a time to be sure you don’t burn anyone.

After the water heater has had time to heat up to the new temperature, but sure to test the water with a cooking thermometer to see what is coming out of the shower.

Stay tuned for the next post that can END your wait for that hot shower you’re yearning for!

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