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Chandler Plumbing Trends for 2014

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Plumbing Trends for 2014

With a new year comes new trends in every industry. Of course there are many exciting trends in the plumbing world as well! In the world of plumbing, new trends give homeowners more options and added convenience.

This year, we are happy to be embracing a new trend in drain work. This new technology is called pipe bursting equipment. More and more professionals in the industry are realizing that pipe bursting is an effective and efficient method to replace failing or outdated sewer lines. This is something that Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ is happy to offer to our customers. Not every plumber offers this. What does pipe bursting equipment do? It is used when a sewer line needs to be taken out—but there are complications. The old method meant digging up the line open and replacing it. Complications often arise, like landscaping or concrete pads being in the way of digging. Sometimes it’s also complicated just because it would take too much time to do the digging, would cause too much damage or because the homeowner simply doesn’t want to go to the trouble.

Now there is an alternative to digging. This option means replacing the sewer line with pipe bursting equipment. This is done by opening two holes to allow the pipe and the bursting equipment to replace the old line under the ground.

We are finding that more and more of our customers prefer this method over the traditional way of digging it up and replacing it. We think you’ll be excited about this new plumbing trend, too. Here’s a photo we recently published on Facebook. Photo: Paul helped our customer today with a new sewer line..great job Paul.

If you think you need to replace your sewer line, please contact us to come out and assess your needs. Our pipe bursting equipment might be exactly what you need to keep your pipes running smoothly for years to come.