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Last week we mentioned how the chlorine and hardness affected the performance of your plumbing and the quality of your water.

What you may not know is Chlorine is added to drinking water as a disinfectant, known as Chlorination, to prevent waterborne diseases. It is chosen, as the standard disinfectant because it is the cheapest, but that does not mean it is the most effective.

In fact, according to Judith Pratt, once chlorine enters our drinking water it unites with organic materials to from trihalomethanes, otherwise known as THM’s, which are known to cause cancer. They are also known to affect the nervous system; kidneys, liver and can even cause a miscarriage in pregnancy.

Apart from health issues, the main drawbacks to Chlorination are:

  1. That the chemicals disappear to quickly from the water system
    1. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) “Risks to health from DBP’s, like THM’s, are extremely small in comparison with inadequate disinfection [from lack of chemicals].”
  2. Another drawback is for aesthetic reasons, like taste and odor.
    1. What’s in your water? If you want to find out what that taste or smell is try and narrow it down with our help!

Find out what water contaminants Dr. Oz says could be in your water and some signs that could help you figure out if you need a water filter.

So now you’re wondering… “If chlorine is added by the city automatically into your water, how do you filter the good drinking water?”

In order to get out contaminants cause by chlorine, among other things, and leave in the healthy minerals you should invest in a filter system.

Now your second question is most likely, “How do I know which filter system is best from me?”

H20 Harmony offers a total of four treatment package systems:

  1. Simple Harmony: under-the-counter drinking water carbon filer
  2. Whole Harmony: whole-house carbon filter makes water taste better
  3. Soft Harmony: whole-house water softener takes hardness out
  4. Complete Harmony: whole-house carbon filter and softener combined

Stay tuned for our three part series, following last weeks water used for ‘Drinking & Cooking’ will be water used for ‘Showering & Bathing,’ then water used for ‘Laundry & Cleaning.’

We will explain the different filtration systems we use specifically for each category and ultimately help you experience cleaner, healthier water.