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Common Water Heater Repair Problems

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Most water heating problems only cost a few dollars and can be easily resolved by the homeowner. Many problems occur when there is a build up of mineral deposits in the water heater that makes it not function properly. Some common water heater issues cost more than others as well. Here are some of the biggest problems homeowners face with their water-heating units:

DIP Tubs

This is where water goes into the water heater from the hot water tank. The problem occurs when a layer of crystallized minerals builds up inside the dip tub.

Leaking Taps

A leaking tap can be one of the biggest water heater repair horror stories you have ever heard. Sometimes, fixing the leaking tub is as easy as replacing a few valve seals. Other times it is much more complicated. When there is a leak in the water line, it is important that the repair is completed by someone who has been trained to handle the complex task of repairing the pipes.

Gas Leaks

A common problem that plumbers tackle almost daily is a gaseous gas leak in the hot water heater. The leak causes a gush of hot water that can be very dangerous. In order to resolve these, they must access the gas tank using proper tools and techniques. A broken or leaking valve will also need to be replaced before the plumber can begin working on the problem. When a leaky gas tank is discovered, it is important to contact a licensed plumbing repair company like Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ

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