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Did you know…Water Heaters

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Because we are your Glendale AZ plumber as well as your go-to plumber all over the Phoenix valley, we want to offer you plenty of useful information about your home’s plumbing. So we started this new “Did you know…?” theme. For this one, we’re focusing on your water heater. We already gave you the 101 version here: Water Heater

Now we’re going to give you even more information about your water heater. Take care of your water heater now so it takes care of you when you want a hot bath or shower this winter.

If there’s something you’ve been wondering about regarding your water heater, feel free to email us or post to our Facebook page with your questions. We’re up for anything so ask away!

Your water heaters. Did you know…

  • You should regularly give your water heater a visual inspection? Take note of any rust spots, water heater tank problems, discoloration, etc. If any of these exist, keep checking the water heater to be sure nothing changes. If the outside of a water heater has new visual changes, the interior is normally changing as well. As changes occur, the water heater should be reviewed by a licensed plumber to help avoid an emergency.
  • An on/off valve that is working properly can make the difference between a water heater that works properly and one that results in a terrible water leak? If you were to get a small water leak, tried to turn the valve off and it broke, the results could be disastrous. It’s best to check the water heater valve regularly and make sure it is working well. Practice turning the valve to avoid problems in the future.
  • You can install a tankless water heater to save space and conserve energy? They are especially great for large families or people who live alone. Plus, when properly maintained they can work very well and can last up to three times longer than a standard tank style water heater.
  • Replacing the anode or adding an expansion tank to your water heater can dramatically extend its life? The anode rod is a part inside that is meant to save your tank from deteriorating. When the original anode rod disintegrates, it is important to replace it and install a brand new one to save the insides of the tank from being eaten away and leaking. The expansion tank installed on the water heater allows the pressure that builds up inside to expend outside the tank, versus expanding in the tank and wearing out the inside lining.

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