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5 Things Not To Put In Your Drain In Phoenix AZ

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As plumbers in Phoenix, we understand you rely on your drains for waste removal, but there are some things that don’t belong in your pipes. It’s easy enough to tell ourselves that just a small amount of grease is okay to pour down the kitchen sink but over time these offending items will clog your pipes. The following items should never be put down your sink, toilet or garbage disposal:

1. Cat Litter – disposable kitty litter should never be flushed down your toilet. The companies that produce cat litter use the word “flushable” as a marketing tool, but flushing any kind of cat litter will cause serious damage to your pipes. Another problem with flushing this waste is that cat feces contain chemical-resistant bacteria that can get into the water supply.

2. Oil – any type of liquid oil, grease or fat will cling to your pipes and back up your system. You may think pouring hot water down the drain will fix the problem, but once the fat turns solid it’s nearly impossible to remove.

3. Cotton Balls – while it’s easy enough to flush a cotton ball or two down the toilet, the damaging effects of this fibrous material are long term. Cotton balls expand in water and can block your pipes causing your sewer to back up. Feminine products and baby wipes fall into this category too.

4. Coffee Grounds – the fastest way to a clogged garbage disposal is to regularly throw coffee grounds into it. The grounds stick to the sides of the disposal causing it to clog the pipes. Coffee grounds are one of the most common reasons for a malfunctioning garbage disposal.

5. Paint – pouring paint down your sink is bad for two reasons. Pouring enough paint down your pipes can create a build-up over time, but it’s also bad for the environment. You can contact your local sanitation department to find out where to properly dispose of it.

Keep your pipes clear and functioning by keeping these items out of the drains. If you have a clogged drain or need drain repair or drain cleaning services in the Phoenix, AZ metro call us today