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Easy Steps to Clear Your Clogged Sink Drian

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Is Thanksgiving dinner almost ready? But now you have a clogged sink, don’t worry you may be able to clear it before dinner starts. Here are some easy steps to get it done fast:

  1. Don’t add anything more including Draino to your drain, many drain cleaners are harmful to people, your plumbing and can make the clog worse.
  2. Do you know what clogged it?  (Many vegetable peels  or pasta’s can clogged the drain quickly, but can also quickly be cleared out. Vegetable peels can be used for helping your garden, click here,  instead of clogging your sink next time.)
  3. Is your garbage disposal still working ok? (This may tell you that the food has passed through the disposal ok)
  4. If the drain under the disposal is clogged, and your comfortable working on plumbing pipes, get a bowl or bucket under the sink drain area, for any water that may drip down.
  5. Open up the U shape drain, this is where you may see the lump of food, be careful it can be dirty and stinky.
  6. Clear out the food out.
  7. Replace the pipe, just as it was and be sure you have no leaks when the water runs through the drain.
  8. Now go enjoy your company and dinner….and be the hero!!

If you want to keep your slow drains running clear, see my prior post keep your drains clear.

If you need more proffessional help to clear the clogged sink drain, contact us online or by phone 602-903-1762, we are here for you 7 days a week, we understand how important your dinner is and will get you cleared and be out as quick as possible so you can enjoy your dinner.