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Emergency Plumbing

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Avoiding an emergency plumbing leak starts with listening

Listen up. If you have ever experienced a bad plumbing break that caught you completely by surprise and might have even resulted in damage to your walls and floor, you are not alone. Some homeowners believe that the best time to fix a plumbing problem is when something breaks. However, to avoid emergencies, most plumbing issues can be repaired before they become an emergency plumbing disaster.

Our plumbing systems do talk to us. No, it’s not English but yes, you can learn to listen to it and interpret it.  When your plumbing parts start to decline, it may tell you by a subtle change in how it functions. It could show up when a faucet handle is suddenly harder to turn or when a drip starts to get worse. You may also notice a rusty line on your water heater or a loud noise your toilet is making. At first, many plumbing repairs talk to us quietly and eventually get louder or even yell at us.

The fact is, your plumbing system never turns off. There is water and sewage in the pipes all day every day. We run thousands of gallons of water in and out of our home without much thought to it—until something breaks or malfunctions. I tell people to look at their plumbing like they look at their car. Whether your car’s mileage is at 3,000 miles or 50,000 miles, it needs to be properly maintained before you end up broken down on the side of the road. Just like your car, the constant demands placed on your plumbing system means that it needs to be repaired and maintained consistently, too. Don’t wait for emergency plumbing—listen to your plumbing and have repairs taken care of before it’s too late.