Phoenix Plumbing Tips: Getting Your Home Ready For Summer Getaways

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Phoenix Plumbing Tips:Prepare your house (and your plumbing) for weekend or summer getaways

According to most insurance companies, water damage issues are known to originate from these top four sources: washing machine hoses, reverse osmosis water lines, water connecting valves to all faucets and toilets and water heater leaks.  For most of these, they don’t stop leaking until someone stops them and therefore can cause a lot of damage. These important Phoenix Plumbing Tips can save you from returning from vacation to a severely water-damaged home.

Whether you are taking a two-week summer vacation or heading to the lake for the weekend, it is important to take precautions to avoid arriving home to discover a major water catastrophe.

First, make sure that you ask someone to check in on your home while you are gone and leave the name and number of your plumber on your counter. Also, authorize your Ben Franklin Plumber (Phoenix Plumbing location or our Chandler plumbing location) to make emergency repairs in your absence and give them your contact information in case you need to be reached.

Here are a few other things you can do before you depart:

  1. If your water heater has a vacation mode, use it to avoid any energy usage while you’re away.
  2. Look around the outside of the home to make certain that nothing is dripping.
  3. Avoid a bad smell when you return home by being sure your garbage disposal is cleared out.
  4. Check all the connections to the washing machine, all toilets and under the faucets to be sure nothing is leaking or moist.
  5. Be sure your reverse osmosis system has undergone yearly maintenance to check for leaks.
  6. Make sure that your main shut off is in working order so that you can turn the water off before leaving or if a leak should occur while you are gone, someone could turn the water off for you.

With one less thing to worry about while you’re away, you can enjoy your escape even more! For more phoenix plumbing tips, make sure to RSS this blog.

For peace of mind all year long, consider calling us to perform a phoenix plumbing inspection to make sure that you plumbing systems are all functioning properly and to catch potential problems before they start. Contact us today!