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Because we are your Glendale AZ plumber as well as your go-to plumber all over the Phoenix valley, we want to offer you plenty of useful information about your home’s plumbing. So we started this new “Did you know…?” theme. For this one, we’re focusing on the kitchen.

If there’s something you’ve been wondering about in your kitchen, feel free to email us or post to our Facebook page with your questions. We’re up for anything so ask away!

In the kitchen. Did you know…

… that your garbage disposal has an overload protector that senses if the motor is overheating and shuts it off? If your disposal cuts off during operation, it may be this broken electrical connection. If this happens,

  • Turn the disposal switch off.
  • Do not put hands or objects down drain.
  • Make sure the appliance is plugged in securely at the outlet.
  • With power switch turned off, press reset switch on front or bottom of the garbage disposal.
  • Restart disposal by turning on power switch.

…you can probably replace or upgrade your kitchen faucet yourself for a quick kitchen makeover? Most sinks have three mounting holes to accommodate a faucet spout and twin hot and cold operating handles. The measurement between the handle holes is either 3″ or 5″. If the replacement faucet is a new single-handle unit, its mounting plate will cover the extra holes. However, if the new faucet is a traditional three-piece two-handled unit, you need to buy one that matches the sink’s hole dimensions. Newer sinks may have additional holes for accessories like a spray hose and soap dispenser. Unused holes can be covered by decorative caps.

…you can save a lot of water in the kitchen? Here are a few tips.

Install a low-flow faucet on your sink. Conventional faucets flow at around 5 gallons per minute, while low-flow faucets flow at 1.5 gallons per minute.

Boil food in as little water as possible to save water and cooking fuel. You just need enough to submerge your pasta and potatoes. Plus with less water you keep more flavor and nutrients in your veggies.

Use your dishwasher! They almost always use less water than washing dishes by hand, especially with water- and energy-efficient models (just make sure to only run the dishwasher when it’s full). Hand washing one load of dishes can use 20 gallons of water, whereas water- and energy-efficient dishwaters use as little as 4.5 gallons.

Do you need your Glendale AZ plumber to help you out with your garbage disposal? Do your kitchen fixtures need an upgrade? Do you need any kitchen plumbing assistance to help you save water? Whether you’re in Glendale AZ or anywhere in the Phoenix valley, contact Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ for help. (602) 273-1740