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Cooler temperatures are finally starting to arrive in Arizona and your Glendale AZ plumber wants to make sure that all of our Phoenix valley residents are thinking about their plumbing this fall.

Wondering what you can do to prepare your home’s plumbing for the fall?

Service your water heater. As we already mentioned this month, having your water heater drained every year will extend its life. When temperatures drop and you don’t have hot water, you’ll wish you’d have had it serviced sooner. Also remember to adjust the temperature on your water heater to 120°F for maximum efficiency.

Fall is also a good time to have your septic/sewer system checked out.  Get your sewer snaked and get those pesky roots out of there.  They won’t be growing as much in the winter.  If you have a septic tank, fall is a great time to pump it.

Learn where you main water shut off valve is located. Also, teach your kids how to shut off the water main and under toilets and sinks.  Everyone that is old enough to be in the house alone should know how to turn off the water.  Even a ½” blow pipe can gush upwards of 10 gallons per minute if you have high pressure in your house.  Having your 10-year-old take care of this 15 minutes before he/she can get a neighbor to help can save you thousands of dollars.

Turn off any outdoor faucets completely.  If there are any leaks, have them repaired promptly, before the weather gets any colder. It’s important to remember that when your pipes freeze, they can crack, regardless of what type of material they are made of.  It only takes a small crack to cause serious damage to your home.

Flush your kitchen sink. Pour 1 gallon of bleach down either side of your kitchen sink, wait 20 minutes, fill both sides of your kitchen sink to the rim with hot water, and then remove the stoppers simultaneously. The volume and weight of the water will help flush the drain lines free of grease, preventing a stoppage.

We hope you enjoy your fall and that taking these precautionary measures will help you prevent issues in the future.

Should issues arise, your Glendale AZ plumber is ready and willing to help valley residents with your water heater, sewer system, leaks or repairs this fall. Call Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ today (602) 273-1740.