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Patron Saint of Plumbing

Did you know there is a patron saint for plumbing? St. Vincent Ferrer is considered the Patron Saint of Plumbing.

In honor of his feast day approaching on April 5th, we wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to a man who is said to have performed many miracles and brought many people back to their Catholic faith.

The patron saint of brick makers, builders, construction workers, plumbers and tile makers, Ferrer was born in Valencia, Spain in 1350.

Vincent joined the Dominican Order in his native Spain in 1367 at the age of 18 against his family’s wishes. A dedicated student, he received his doctorate of theology from the University of Lleida.  He was ordained a priest by Cardinal Peter de Luna and was chosen Prior of the Dominican house in Valencia shortly after his ordination.

Why is he a saint? Vincent lay dying when he saw a vision of Christ, St. Francis of Assisi and St. Dominic. As a result of this vision, he was miraculously cured. He began preaching about the last judgment and the need for penance. Because of this, Vincent came to be known as the “angel of judgment.”  Though Vincent spoke only his native Spanish, people of all languages were able to understand what he said. His biographers believe he had the ability to speak in tongues to communicate the word of God.

He spent the last 20 years of his life spreading the Good News and converting thousands in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the Low Countries and Lombardy, England, Scotland, and Ireland. He was even invited to preach in Muslim Granada, all while working to end the Western Schism, stressing the need of repentance and the fear of the coming judgment. He worked so hard to “build up” the Church that he became the patron of people in building trades.

Vincent died of natural causes at age 69 on April 5, 1419.

In his book, “On the Spiritual Life, Vincent Ferrer wrote, “If you truly want to help the soul of your neighbor, you should approach God first with all your heart.  Ask him simply to fill you with charity, the greatest of all virtues; with it you can accomplish what you desire.”

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