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When was the last time you cleaned out your sewer line?

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Most homes have ground clean outs, which are normally large black caps in the ground. When an inside clog happens on your main sewer line, sometime this clean out can be opened to relieve some stress on items backing up inside. Sure, having a back up outside is disgusting, but it’s better than having it inside!glendale plumber

If you have never thought about cleaning out your sewer line, or can’t remember the last time you did—it’s time.

There is special high pressure cleaning equipment that can be used to make a good pipe almost like new again. After years of adding debris, hair, grease, food, etc. down any inside drain, it’s like a clogged artery, building up over time until it gets blocked completely. Having your sewer line professionally cleaned out will reopen the line to full size again, preventing most backups and damage to the line. It’s like what a doctor does for your arteries—except that your home will never feel it.