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February 4 Love is in the…shower? Valentine Gifts Feature

Sure, love is in the air this time of year but love can also be found in your shower.  Let’s talk about some Valentine Gifts that they’ll remember.

Think about how much of your life you spend getting ready every day. Mornings can be hectic when people share a bathroom. Your morning shower can be really stressful if you have to share it with someone who is a different height than you or who prefers different water pressure.

At Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ, we think that your daily shower should be one of the highlights of your day! This Valentine’s Day, what if you made some upgrades in your shower to make everyone’s morning more enjoyable?

Kohler offers options for your shower. One option is a “HydroRail” shower column that allows you to convert your single-outlet shower into a two-outlet custom shower with a showerhead or rainhead and a handshower. You can also add a transfer valve and choose up to three different water delivery options.

Maybe you want to control your water temperature and shower experience from outside the shower. If so, a digital shower valve makes it easy. They also have presets for multiple users so the entire family can have a customized shower experience. Even a simple upgrade to a rain head showerhead that mimics the luxurious drenching of a summer downpour offers a delightful and soothing experience.

There is also a shower valve called “the Cadillac of all showers” that features music, color, timers and more. Or install an amazing steam option to create the ultimate at-home spa experience.

Contact Ben Franklin Plumbing AZ today to help you transform your shower into a pampering experience that you will enjoy for a long time. When you treat yourself or someone you love, plumbing-related Valentine gifts can be enjoyed all year.