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What Causes that Smell?

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It’s a fact that what we put down our bathroom drains is what causes the most awful smells and problems. Think about what goes down your bathroom sink and tub or shower drains: soap, gel, makeup, shaving cream, and hair. Yuck! If these items don’t make it all the way down the drain, you’ll find yourself brushing your teeth over a foul smell or discovering things floating in your tub long after you’re done getting ready in the morning.


There are two ways to prevent this: a maintenance drain product and a yearly drain clean-out.


1.       Use a biodegradable drain maintenance product like BioBen to keep your drains running smoothly and smelling good all year long. BioBen is not harmful to you or your drains and can prevent problems before they start. BioBen is your new best friend in the bathroom! Make sure to catch the Youtube video on the blog later this week.


2.       We also recommend a yearly drain clean-out. This requires taking your drain apart and pulling out all of the debris that has gotten trapped. Doing so will allow your drain to run freely again. Please be aware that this can be a real stomach-turner so calling in a professional to do the job is usually a good idea.


For your tub or shower, make sure to have a strainer on the drain opening to prevent things like bottle caps and hair from going down. BioBen is also great to use in your tub and shower to circumvent problems.


Look for more information on our BioBen product later this week, as well as an informational video, too.  Call your friendly Glendale plumbing company for BioBen cleaning.

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