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Glendale Plumbing Guest Bath

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Glendale Plumbing Guest Bath

Glendale Plumbing Guest Bath.  The Guest Bath is a major concern for Glendale Plumbing this Holiday season.  Many of you will be hosting overnight guests for the holidays season. Glendale Plumbing will be at a high as visitors travel in from out of town.  With a house full of guests, here are some tips on getting your guest bathroom ready and ensuring that your plumbing can handle all the extra flushes!

In the shower: Clean the showerhead really well then take a shower yourself to check for the following:

  • if the drain needs to be cleaned out
  • if the showerhead needs to be updated
  • if the shower curtain needs to be replaced or cleaned.

Around the bathroom:

Check the toilet to be sure it is working correctly with one flush and no jiggling required.

Check the bathroom sink drain to make sure water goes down quickly. If it doesn’t, you can remove the pop-up and clean out what is stopping the water or use some drain bio-degradable maintenance cleaner or Bio Ben.Glendale Plumbing Guest Bath

Follow these tips and your guests may enjoy using your bathroom so much that they’ll never want to leave! So you might want to sabotage everything after about a week.

Should you have any Glendale plumbing concerns with your guest house call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.  We offer 24/7 Plumbing services to the entire Phoenix Metroplex.    You can look through the services we provide.  Or look at the installs.  Make sure you learn about the Benjamin Franklin Society of course.   You can schedule an appointment online. Make sure you look through our specials.  And finally, just make the call to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.  We serve locations valley wide.  But don’t worry, you only need to learn one phone number to reach us.  Get help with your Glendale plumbing and Guest Bath today at 602-903-1762.