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How To Fix A Broken Toilet

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Are you a homeowner and experiencing challenges with a clogged, leaking, or a plugged toilet?

Are you looking for a service provider who can offer adequate recommendations on avoiding future toilet challenges? Well, worry no more, for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has a solution for you.

An overwhelming majority of homeowners are struggling with broken toilets with zero ideas of the repercussions. Whether your toilet seems like its functioning, frequent toilet inspection is paramount to avoid future malfunctions. A broken toilet could be the reason for the recurrent surge in your water bills.

Signs That Your Toilet Needs Repair
A toilet may work wastefully or inappropriately after a long time of use. Just like other machines, toilets, too, can experience significant wear and tear. A toilet may experience functional issues after a clog, a plug, or even a significant break. However, there are other conspicuous signs that it requires repairs. Some of these signs that your toilet needs repair includes:

1. Toilet constantly runs
Are you wondering why your toilet keeps running after the usual flush cycle? Many people try out various alternatives such as jiggling the flush valve but realize the problem is still recurring. First, you need to identify the cause to act accordingly. Toilets that experience constant runs may have the following challenges;

• The float height requires some modification
If the flapper is leaking, it may call for renovation. Also, check the refill tube to determine whether it requires some adjustments. You need to get expert plumbing help to fix the problem.

2. Strange smells coming from the toilet
Is your toilet producing an awful smell synonymous with that of a sewer? A foul odor is an indication that something is wrong. Some of the common reasons your toilet smells include; inappropriate fixed, blocked, or damaged pipes, unfastened toilet bolts or broken flange, or even a damaged or misplaced toilet seal. If you experience such dysfunctions, it is time to call Benjamin Franklin plumbing for your toilet overhaul or replacement.

3. The toilet flushes on its own
This occurs when there is adequate water leaking out of the tank entering into the bowl. Get to know the root cause of this problem and how you can stop the problem from materializing.

4. Tank takes too long to fill after a flush
This may happen due to the accumulation of debris or the wearing out of the valve in use, thus hindering the water level from getting to the right level.