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How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clear

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So there is a lot to chop, cook and prepare for company coming over for dinner and there is no time to have a disposal clog NOW.  Is your garbage disposal ready for all you need to use is for?   Here are a few simple garbage disposal tips to help keep your dinner preparation going as planned.

Don’t forget to share these with your kids, as you teach them to cook, they can learn some tips to help them keep their drains clear too.

  • Many garbage disposals will turn off, when over worked, if yours has been worked a lot and stops, let it rest and cool down, then try it again later.
  • Many garbage disposals can be unlocked, by placing the small hand tool that came with it, in the square opening under the disposal, then turn it, to unlock it.
  • Many garbage disposals can be reset with a small button underneath the very bottom of it.  Just press it in, this will allow it to restart after it turns itself off.
  • Some vegetable peels, like potato skins, carrots skins or celery clippings can clog up the garbage disposal quickly, if the garbage disposal is not ran long enough or cleared through correctly.   All peels must be washed away with enough water to clear them through all the way to the sewer line.  To do this use a 1/2 sink of water to flow through the garbage disposal during and after a handful of clippings of peels that go down the disposal.
  • Pasta and rice, can clog up the disposal if they are not washed through with enough water, these foods will swell up once combined with a small bit of water and stay in your disposal or drain to form a hard clog.
  • Don’t clean out your refrigerator and throw all your old food down the disposal at once, keep water running well in between food items to clear through properly.
  • Don’t throw heavy grease down your garbage disposal.
  • Keep your disposal blades sharp, run a cup of ice through it weekly.
  • Save water and the stress of  a possible clogged garbage disposal, throw your vegetable peels in the trash or compost them.

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