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How Water Treatment Services Can Help Your Home’s Plumbing

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While the term “hard water” may sound strange, it is a common problem in homes and businesses. When water has a high mineral content, especially from calcium and magnesium, the result is mineral deposits that solidify and eventually stick to the interior of pipes and even household appliances. When this occurs, clogs can form and create even more problems. If you have hard water issues, it’s time to call on Ben Franklin Plumbing and take advantage of our water treatment services.

Filtration and Softening

To get rid of hard water, your plumbing system usually needs a combination of filtration and softening. At Ben Franklin Plumbing, our expert technicians can install or repair existing water treatment systems. After conducting a thorough inspection of your home’s plumbing system, our technicians can explain the problem in easy-to-understand terms and offer an estimate for the cost of services.

Long-Lasting Results

Once technicians here at Ben Franklin Plumbing install or repair water treatment systems in your home or business, you can be sure they will provide long-lasting results for many years to come. Whether we do filtration, softening with ion exchange, or a combination of both, you will have peace of mind knowing your water will once again be of the highest quality.

Cost-Efficient Systems

If you fail to address hard water problems in your home or business, many problems will result. Along with having potential clogs in your pipes and drains, you will also find yourself using far more soap when doing laundry or washing dishes. As a result, you will literally be washing dollars down the drain. By working with us here at Ben Franklin Plumbing, you’ll be able to get a water treatment system installed that is very cost-efficient for your budget.

24/7 Service

Along with our water treatment services, we also offer 24/7 service on a wide array of plumbing services. No matter the situation day or night, when they need a plumber Phoenix residents always call on the pros here at Ben Franklin Plumbing. To learn more about our water treatment and other services, call us at 602-282-5007.